Body Massage

What style of Bodywork does Dori do?

I practice both Western style table massage (often referred to as “Swedish”) and Zen Shiatsu, which I do on a floor futon (client remains clothed). I think of my style as Responsive — I’m responding to what you tell me and what my hands sense. Then my hands respond to your response to the work. I combine all the best ingredients from 29 years of practice and requisite CEUs into a delicious stew of techniques, perfectly seasoned for your body at the time you’re on my table. My business name is Sunny Palms but I’ve received checks mistakenly written to “Happy Hands,” “Heated Hands,” and “Healing Hands.”


Energy work

Sports massage


Fascial release

Joint mobilizations

Point work

Kinesio Taping


Silicon Cups

Perinatal massage

Infant massage instruction


I want my services to feel reasonably within your means so I encourage you to pay the amount that allows you to relax. My basic rates are below, along with a range of fees I’m comfortable with. Payment accepted by cash, check (made out to Dorianne Conn), Zelle (, or Venmo (@SunnyPalms).

Illinois licensed. Board Certified.
Member, American Massage Therapy Association.

Dorianne Conn’s expert manipulation with fingers and palms make this 84-year active gent feel like a vital person. I’m active with biking, gardening and walking. Muscles are sometimes sore or tense. Dorianne’s fingers will find and relieve tension and her palms will sooth soreness with deep manipulation. Frequent and regular sessions with Dorianne maintain muscle tone and keep my body in good working order. 


Evanston, IL