Body Massage Testimonials:

Dori is such a lovely person, a fantastic masseuse and an insightful tarot reader. I went to her for a two in one session, massage then tarot. That really was the best massage I ever had in my life. She is gentle, but firm, and really makes you feel comfortable to communicate any needs or preferences. After that, we did our tarot reading and I really liked her style. She let me lead the way, which I didn’t expect, but it ended up being a great experience for me and made me feel more ownership and agency in my reading. I felt like we really connected and I left feeling much more confident in my path. Thank you, Dori. I’ll be back just as soon as I can!

Designer, Chicago, IL

Dori is a gifted and intuitive massage therapist, the best I’ve worked with in thirty-five years. Her respectful and compassionate touch efficiently relaxes my stress whether it’s a  thirty or sixty minute session. Dori’s work improves the quality of my life and I feel privileged to work with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.



Licensed Social Worker, Wilmette, IL

Dori is a delight! Being with her makes me happy & taps into my own joy. 

Happy client, Evanston, IL

Dori’s hands, her “Sunny Palms,” are like dowsers seeking water. They find the sorest muscles before I say a word.



Happy client, Evanston, IL

I first approached massage in a physical way, to alleviate back pain. I still do, and it does! However, from my first meeting with Dori, now more than two decades ago, she helped me understand the emotional component of how stress is stored in the body. Dori is an intuitive practitioner who has advanced my self-understanding and joy in living, both with her massage and Tarot practice. She brings me back to my child self, to a place of trust and wholeness. Remarkably, she also provided tender care to my mother in her final year of life, bringing comfort and alleviating pain.

Editor, Evanston, IL

Dori Conn has been my trusted masseuse & healer for over two decades, adapting her experienced palms & body work to my changing needs. Her touch keeps me going.



Grandpa, Activist, Photographer, Educator, Cook, Chicago, IL

Dorianne Conn’s expert manipulation with fingers and palms make this 84-year active gent feel like a vital person. I’m active with biking, gardening and walking. Muscles are sometimes sore or tense. Dorianne’s fingers will find and relieve tension and her palms will sooth soreness with deep manipulation. Frequent and regular sessions with Dorianne maintain muscle tone and keep my body in good working order. 

Author/Activist, Evanston, IL

Life Massage Testimonials:

I appreciate the reading and all of the time and thought you put into the analysis. So much of it resonates with me and makes me feel so strong, encouraged, positive and ready to dive in.

And being reminded that I have what I need within….thank you.

Professional Organizer, Evanston, IL

I’ve known Dori for years, and have appreciated her deep, natural intuition for a very long time. Even so, I was amazed at just how incisive a tool these cards are in her hands. She has a wonderful sense of when to nudge and when to simply maintain a broad space for her client’s observations and insights to surface. Indeed, I was encouraged to see things come up that would be far less likely to appear in regular conversation, or even therapy.

I’ve been wrestling with a difficult, life-changing decision and found my session with Dori breaking open new paths for my own inner wisdom. The deck she used was visually pleasing and fruitful, and her strong familiarity with tarot works hand-in-hand with her innate gifts to bring out the best of both, inspiring comfort and confidence. Her post-session writeups are an excellent touch, faithful to the dialogue and surprisingly extensive. I’m still finding mine relevant months after our session.

A decidedly non-woo-woo person, I appreciate Dori’s letting the pictures just be pictures, catalysts for my own thoughts and feelings rather than some act of divination or discerning an externally determined fate. With Dori, I found the cards suggestive, open-ended, and powerful, and for this and her caring warmth, I am truly grateful.


Freelance writer/Zen student, Columbia, MO

This really might be one of the best experiences I’ve had of this kind, and I don’t even know what “this kind” means. Maybe therapy? At any rate, it’s so uplifting and encouraging. I’m going to hang on to it. I see it as both a tabulating of some of my accomplishments and road map of where I want to go…this is really wonderful new terrain of piecing together my best life in a more directed and thoughtful way.

Professor/Journalist, Evanston, IL

Our session together and the report itself was extremely helpful. I have been sitting with that since I read it and it has been working on me, and I think helping me make a much needed shift.

Social Worker, Evanston, IL

This is beautiful. I will print it out and keep it on my desk to reference whenever I feel lost and unsure of myself. 

Writer, Evanston, IL

Thank you so much for writing all of this down and for spending that hour with me. I really got a lot out of it and felt energized by it.

Artist, Chicago, IL

Wow! I just got more out of reading this than a recent 2 month (failed) stint of counseling with someone who did not “get” me at all.



Yoga Teacher, Chicago, IL

I teared up reading your transcription of the session. Each message was like opening an envelope of secrets that were in plain sight the whole time, bringing awareness and healing as well as acceptance and wisdom.

Life Coach, Connecticut

…deep, thoughtful and generous!

Happy Client, Illinois

Having Dori read my cards was not at all what I was expecting. She spent so much time helping me carefully and precisely cultivate my own questions and that, in and of itself, was really eye opening, thought provoking, and therapeutic. And then it was more like a mutual exploration as we both found my truth in each of my questions and the cards that revealed themselves. I learned a lot about myself and it gave me a great deal to think about. Overall, the reading was really encouraging and optimistic and left me feeling hopeful and clear-headed.

Clinical Psychologist, Chicago, IL

Thank you Dori,

Your insights were super helpful.



Podcast Host, Illinois

I love how non-judgemental you were in responding to my concerns and emotions. I felt so supported.


Marketing Director and Mom, Wilkes Barre, PA

Thank you so much.   You put such a huge amount of effort into this and the final write-up is pretty amazing.  I really did enjoy spending the time with you and it was enlightening for me.  



Sr. Risk Adjustment Specialist, Bradenton, FL

The fact that the reading was more of conversation than a telling or lecture about what the cards were saying meant I had a chance to tell myself where I am at – rather than being a more passive receiver of information. This meant that the whole reading really was inspiring, refreshing and energizing.


Professional Guardian, Chicago, IL

Woo hoo! It’s a month after Dori’s reading/session/life massage and I am here to say that her way of doing Tarot is remarkably respectful and insightful. Even just the “developing the clear question” part was both fun and revealing — but the way she worked with me to interpret the cards as an answer to my question I have never experienced prior. What a gift of her insight — to know someone well enough to weave in play, intuition, and hope — all together. I am coming back!



Scientist, Sebastopol, CA

…thoroughly enjoyed our reading, and I really appreciate the summary and the pictures of the different versions of the cards I pulled. There is a lot there for me to think about and carry with me.

Attorney, Brooklyn, NY